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Management Program

The Executive Management Program provides you with the essence of an Executive MBA in just 3 modules. The program is an investment in your career, as well as an opportunity to develop strategically and create solid results.

Module 1

The Building Blocks of Management

The key theories within strategy, leadership, innovation, and communication. A high-level basic overview.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Module 2

New Strategies and Markets

Practical application of the latest theories and business models – taught by some of the world’s leading professors in disruption.

Location: Segovia, Spain
Module 3

New Innovation and Management

Inspiration and sparring with practitioners from some of the world’s most successful companies and top instructors.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Get the essence of an EMBA

In collaboration with IE Business School, we have put together the Executive Management Program, which offers you the essence of an Executive MBA. It is an intense 3-module education program, with each module consisting of 4 days in Copenhagen, Segovia, and Madrid, respectively.

Future leadership

Leaders are subject to high demands. They must be able to set the direction, develop strategy, and manage themselves and the company in the face of changing market conditions, employees, environment, board of directors, etc. Innovation is crucial for a company’s survival. If a company does not continually develop, it will be surpassed by new business concepts.

The traditional MBA

An Executive MBA is an internationally recognized leadership education that significantly strengthens your strategic competencies and thus increases your market value and career opportunities. It is a milestone in the careers of many leaders who strive to achieve it.

However, completing an MBA is demanding, whether you choose to take it part-time while working or as a full-time study. It typically takes 12-24 months and requires a tremendous effort. In addition, there are education costs that quickly exceed 500,000 DKK.

Get the EMP material

You will receive an email with a link to download material about the Executive Management Program

Participant profile

The Executive Management Program is aimed at leaders and specialists at all levels. It may be younger leaders or specialists who use the education for the next step on the career ladder, or senior leaders who want to expand their horizons and gain insight into the latest theories and models.

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the program

  • Program start

    Date coming soon

  • Duration

    12 days (3 modules of 4 days each)

  • Location

    Copenhagen, Segovia and Madrid (in-person attendance)

  • Price

    12,750 EUR excl. VAT

  • Certificate from

    IE Business School

  • Language


Payment and questions

Upon registration for the program, you will receive confirmation and an invoice by email. The full payment must be made 8 weeks before program start. We will send the invoice in a separate email.

If you have any questions, please call our CEO Bjarke Wolmar at cell (+45) 29 44 86 16

Executive Management Program
educational team

Peter Fisk

Bestselling Author, Academic Professor & Expert Consultant

Christian Rangen

One of Europe's top strategy & transformation advisors

Bernardo Crespo

Academic Director, Digital Transformation - IE Business School

Verónica Royero

Digital Anthropologist

Ricardo Pérez

Professor, Information Systems & Technology - IE Business School

Jaime Veiga

Professor, Information Systems and Technology - IE Business School

Claire French

Founder of Bondita Consulting